Why should your blockchain company care about SEO?

SEO has long been established as one of the most vital parts of any online business. No matter if you’re working in eCommerce or SAAS, SEO likely touches and impacts your business. This is no different for a blockchain company.

In fact, due to the fact that blockchain was only founded recently in 2008, SEO is even more important for this digital niche. While many blockchain companies overlook SEO, by capitalizing on this form of digital marketing, you can take advantage of a series of benefits for your blockchain company.

Let’s take at some benefits of SEO for your blockchain company, demonstrating why you should pay attention to this digital strategy.

What Exactly is SEO?

SEO, especially when discussing blockchain SEO, is about optimizing your blockchain website to ensure it ranks well with Google. This involves a variety of steps and factors, from optimizing on-page SEO to tinkering with the technical backend of your site.

The primary objective of SEO is to ensure Google finds your site and lists it in response to certain keywords. For a blockchain company, these keywords will likely be along the lines of:

  • Blockchain
  • Cryptocurrency
  • IDO

Let’s take a look at some of the main benefits of SEO for your blockchain company:

SEO Boosts Your Google SERP

A SERP, or Search Engine Results Page, is your website’s location within the Google rankings. I say Google here as Google accounts for over 2 trillion global searches every single year. It’s hard to ignore how powerful this browsing tool is.

By focusing on SEO, your website becomes more ‘Google-Friendly’. Not only will Google start to recommend your website more, but it will also push your search result up in the rankings. Eventually, you’ll reach that illustrious first page.

Considering that over 33% of traffic goes to the first result on the SERP, the higher you are, the better!

More Views

If you’re higher in the Google rankings, the simple fact is that more people will start to click on your site and engage with your content. This is merely a suggestion of numbers, as more see your site on the result pages, more will click.

With this comes new viewers to your blockchain website. If everything goes to plan, a larger number of new viewers coming onto your site will boost your total investment, with your funding periods raising more as a larger group encounter your future plans.

When working with a skilled SEO Agency, you’ll be working with a team of specialists who know how to leverage content to achieve your company’s objectives and deliver a comprehensive, long-term SEO strategy.

More Investment

One aspect of SEO that is often overlooked is backlink generation. This process accounts for getting other websites to link to yours. This is mostly done through outreach structures like Guest Posting.

Recent research by the blockchain marketing firm GuerillaBuzz revealed that the more backlinks a site has, the more money it will raise in for its IDO project. This strong correlation further reveals the importance of SEO.

Both on-page and off-page, SEO is vital if you want your IDO project to succeed. Be sure to design an effective SEO strategy for your business and then execute it!

Brand Awareness

As your project moves up the Google rankings and more people come across it, the general awareness of your brand will similarly begin to increase.

Subliminally, if you’re constantly seeing the name of a brand associated with keywords in a niche, you’re going to start associating that brand with being a knowledgable source on the topic. Providing well optimised content will push you up those rankings, exposing you to more people and getting your brand name out there.

Final Thoughts

Although many blockchain companies overlook SEO, it is a, if not the most, vital part of blockchain marketing and PR. Cryptocurrency SEO is integral to raising awareness for your IDO project.

Considering that over 60% of IDO/ICO projects fail, you can escape this statistic if you focus on blockchain SEO. Focus on creating valuable content for the cryptocurrency community, and then optimise it to ensure it ranks well. Only then will you be well on your way to securing your IDO project’s success.

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