Why you should check for candidate proficiency while recruiting

Employers want the best candidates. If you’re a recruiter, your responsibility is to find the most skilled and best qualified candidates in the market. Use a skills assessment software if you want to ensure that your candidates are among the best in the industry.

Only when you utilise an online skills testing software can you be confident that the applicants you are putting forward have the required technical skills as well as the interpersonal and soft skills necessary to thrive in the organisation they are applying to be part of.

The necessity of checking candidate proficiency

Proactive recruiters take it upon themselves to determine that their candidates are equipped with the right skills. This means assessing technical and soft skills right at the beginning of the recruitment process. That’s why skills assessment software has become an important tool – one that needs to integrate easily with the agency’s recruitment database software.

Doing this at the outset ensures that only the top calibre individuals proceed to the next stage. By the time the employers must make their final decision, they can be sure that they are only having to choose from the best suited and highly skilled candidates.

But what happens when recruiters don’t use skills testing software

Not applying candidate skills assessment means working less efficiently and effectively. Experienced and successful recruiters do not simply rely on their applicant’s CV or wait for an interview to measure how suitable they are.

Additionally, CVs and interviews do not provide a full picture of what an individual is capable of, their abilities and their talents. It must also be understood that embellishing a resume with experiences and achievements is not very difficult to do.

If a recruiter doesn’t leverage the benefits of online skills testing candidates then it can be easy to end up with the wrong hire. And the wrong employee, even at the lowest level, can impact a business quite strongly in many ways.

How to use employment skills testing software

Once you find a robust skills assessment software that is easy to use, it is only a matter of time before you can start using it to get the best results in your hiring.

All the leading software vendors provide demos and trainings where customers can observe the important details. Employer of Record companies such as INS Global have the knowledge and experience of more than 15 years recruiting talent over the world and they can definitely help you to find the right candidate through their HR Software. There will be a large library of tests. Recruiters need to pick one or more of the most appropriate skills assessments. For instance, if you’re trying to get a top talent for an admin role, you will probably want to evaluate their ability to use the Microsoft Office suite. So, you will send the MS Office skills tests and typing skills tests along with the literacy and numeracy skills tests to confirm that their grammar and number skills are up to par.

Skills testing is not limited to technical skills when checking candidate proficiency. These days companies want to evaluate cultural fit before committing to hiring anyone. Why? Well because organisations who hire a new staff who is great at their work but creates a disruptive atmosphere for their colleagues is not beneficial to the organization’s morale.

To evaluate compatibility, recruiters can turn to psychometric skills testing and check how their candidate’s communication, problem-solving and critical thinking skills fare in the assessment.

So, after choosing the right skills tests, recruiters will be able to email the test link easily. Candidates can take the test from anywhere they want to. The test results will be sent to the recruiter’s email as soon as the assessment is completed. It is a very simplified process, one that boosts efficiency and productivity.

The tests results can be shared with the employer who can use it to make smarter hiring decisions. Skills assessment also acts like a competitive advantage if the other staffing agencies do not make use of employee skills testing software.

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