Flower Arrangement Ideas To Go With Different Occasions

Have you ever paid attention to the pristine beauty of flowers? They are so fresh, so fragrant and they can put a beautiful smile on our face when we see them. No matter what our mood is, a lot of us will feel good if we come across the sight of a flower. This establishes the importance of flowers in our lives. We use them often to express our feelings. If you live in a society, it is assumed that you know the significance of exchanging flowers on different occasions. Flowers can very well carry the messages of love, comfort, etc. So, whenever we are heading out to attend a special occasion, most of us think about carrying a flower or a bouquet with us. However, that is where the struggle lies. We often feel confused when it comes to picking flowers for specific occasions. It might not be an issue for a lot of us because we simply tend to ignore the particular symbolism that different flowers hold. On the other hand, some of us do cafre enough to think whether a flower arrangement would be considered appropriate for an event or not. For people like that, we have come up with this guide that will help them with the best flower arrangement ideas to go with different occasions.

Yellow Flowers to cheer someone up

So, you are looking for some flowers to put a wide smile on someone’s face. We understand that this person matters a lot to you and you are willing to go to all extents to make them happy. It is a good idea to take the route of flowers. Most, if not all of us, would melt at the sight of some fresh flowers. In this case, where you want to cheer someone up, yellow flowers are a great idea. Yellow is one of the happiest colors and they stand for cheerfulness and hope. One of the best flowers is sunflowers. The best florist in Delhi will be able to provide you with a bouquet of true and fresh sunflowers.

Red Flowers to win over someone

So, there is someone in your life that you want to impress. First of all, a big congratulations to you! If you hold feelings of love towards this person, you are amongst the luckiest people in this world that get to experience love. We just want you to know that we are one hundred percent with you in this journey of winning over this person. Red flowers are the way to go here. They are the universal symbol of love and romance and anyone would blush at the sight of some fragrant red flowers. It goes without saying that roses are amongst the most popular red flowers when it comes to showing feelings of love to someone.

Orange Flowers to wish someone the best of luck

So, you have someone whom you want to wish the best of luck because they are on their way to accomplishing something. How thoughtful of you! You are doing a great job by thinking enough about this person to give them a token of your best wishes. Orange flowers work like a charm in situations like these. They signify strength and purity which is just enough to motivate someone who is working hard to get somewhere they want. All orange flowers are quite common and you can give them to wish someone the best of luck but you must stay away from marigolds because they are used during funerals.

White Flowers to comfort someone who is grieving

So, it is the time when you have to extend support and comfort someone who has just suffered the loss of someone who was dear to them. It is painful and heartbreaking and you probably don’t know how to console them. Offering flowers is an appropriate way to go around times like these. We suggest white flowers as they are the embodiment of angelic touch and embodiment. They can instill a feeling of tranquility and a feeling that all is not lost yet. Lillies are one of the most commonly exchanged flowers during times of loss and death.

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